Terms of Service

These terms and conditions of use apply exclusively to the mobile application Kinghul, my friend camera and our website kinghul.com The startup Kinghul publishes a mobile application named "kinghul, my friend camera", available only for download on Google's mobile application website: Google Play (also called the Playstore) at the following address: www.google.play.com since the mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera" was developed under the Android system of Google. Our website does not allow you to directly download the application but, on the other hand, the website redirects the visitor to the above website to download the mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera". The mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera" is intended for motorists to film and record their trips by car. The mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera" is a video recording application. The present general conditions of use aim to frame the use that can be made of the mobile application "Kinghul, my friend camera". We invite you to read it. Kinghul is not party to any agreement, contract or contractual relationship, of any nature whatsoever, between the users of the mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera" and the mobile application "Kinghul, my friend camera" . By downloading the mobile application "Kinghul, my friend camera" via the website of Google Play (also known as the Playstore), you (the users) acknowledge having read and accept without any reserve the entirety of the present general conditions of use. use. Indeed, on this website you will find a description of the mobile application "Kinghul, my friend camera" including a link called "privacy policy" that redirects the visitor (the user) directly on this page.


The definition of the following words refers to the words mentioned in this document: "Application", "Mobile Application" means a downloadable program for free or paid and executable from the operating system of a smartphone or tablet.
"Kinghul, my friend camera" refers to our mobile application.
"Kinghul" is the business name of our Startup.
"Startup" refers to a young innovative company with high growth potential or for a company under construction.
"Visitor" means any natural person who may download the application "kinghul, my friend camera"
"User" means any individual who has downloaded the "Kinghul, my friend camera" mobile application.
"Installation" refers to downloading a mobile application to your phone. The installation is done automatically by the phone.
"Uninstall" means removing a mobile application from your phone. The uninstall will then be done automatically by the phone.
"In-App Purchase" means a purchase that can be made within a mobile application.
"Lite version" refers to an application whose use is limited in functionality.
"Full version" refers to an application whose use is not limited in functionality.

Access and installation of "Kingul, my friend camera"

Access to the mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera" is via the Android mobile app store website: Google Play, at the following address: www.play.google.com and this by a simple search on this dixit website by typing "Kinghul, my friend camera". The installation of the application is free and is done exclusively via the aforementioned website above. Any installation of the application other than via this address can not be the responsibility of Kinghul. Only phones running the Android operating system can install the mobile application "kinghul, my friend camera".

The connection to the application

The connection to the application is done without registration. You do not need to enter your name or email address to use the application. The application can be used instantly after downloading.

User data collected

No user data is collected or even stored by our servers. To learn more about this topic, you need to consult the privacy rules, by clicking here.

Use made of the application

The primary use of the application is to film and record trips made by car. Indeed, the application is intended for motorists to keep track of a possible collision or accident. Any other use that the application could make is not the responsibility of Kinghul. The user alone is responsible for its use.

Exclusion of liability

Kinghul does not endorse or disapprove any videos that may have been recorded with our "Kinghul, my friend camera" mobile app. These videos should be considered as specific to the authors (to the user). Kinghul assumes no responsibility for what may be shown in the video and for the use that could be made of our mobile application "Kinghul, my friend camera". Users who are experiencing a problem or malfunction of the application are not our responsibility. The app can not be compatible with all mobile phones on the market. As well as phones that have been modified. The application can therefore experience malfunctions, crashes and bugs. Kinghul does not take responsibility for the proper functioning of the application even if it was designed to be the most efficient possible.

Intellectual property

Kinghul retains exclusive ownership of the Application. Any reproduction, cloning or copy of the application is prohibited. The graphic elements such as the logo, the design of the application, the graphic structure of the application are the property of Kinghul. The user is therefore prohibited from reproducing, cloning or copying the application. It also prohibits itself from appropriating, whether for non-commercial or commercial purposes, the graphic elements (logo, design, graphic structure of the application). The user benefits from a limited right of the application.

In-App purchase

The application has been developed in two versions: a lite version and a full version. The application is initially downloadable in lite version. To switch from the lite version to the full version, the user must first pay a certain amount that will be displayed before confirming his purchase. This amount is changed. An important update may result in changing this amount. In any case, the user will be aware of it during the payment. Users who would already upgrade to the full version and whose amount would have changed later will not be subject to the new pricing.

Update and maintenance of the application

The application can be uninstalled at any time by the user. To uninstall the application, the user must go to the settings of his phone and choose to uninstall the application "kinghul, my friend camera". Therefore, all that would be saved on the application, including recorded videos, would be lost and would be impossible to recover. Kinghul does not have access to videos recorded by users and does not store them on its servers. All requests made to Kinghul for the recovery of deleted or lost videos will not be honored.

Modification of the general conditions of use

These general conditions of use may be changed. This is why we will publish any modification of the general conditions of use on this page with the corresponding date. It is up to the user to take note of the modification of the rules of confidentiality by consulting this page. No action on our part will be done to inform the user. Only the date of modifications of this one will be annotated on this page at the bottom of the page.

Legal Notice

Kinghul is a United Arab Emirates based startup registered in the Sharjah International Free Zone under license number 16072. The registered address is PO Box 130122 in Sharjah. The president of the publication of the site is M. El Rashid

published : 12 december, 2017