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" The Kinghul mobile app is so convenient that I only use it when I need it !

Records your trips by car with Kinghul application

Kinghul application is destined to motorists like to profesionnal drivers who wants to record theirs trips by car.
Throughout the recording, the application records the time, the date and your location. Perfect to keep track ;)

Your new companion of the road !

Kinghul application is practice if you are actor or a simply spectator of an accident, you can use the video to support your report accident. Very useful if you are in a country where you do not speak the language. The vidéo is better than thousand words ;)


The principales features of application


Throughout the recording your location GPS is recording. Same for the time and the date.


From the launch of the application, the application starts to record a video.


The application delete automatically olders videos that you find unnecessary to save.

background recording

The recording of the video is also doing by the background. So you can use your phone like for example use Waze application.

What's the users says...

... of Kinghul application, my friend camera

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available only on the Google Play, for the moment.

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